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Swine Farming in Changing Climate Scenario: A Review

M. S. Baruah P. Thakuria C. S. Raghav
Vol 10(10), 58-63

Among various livestock species swine farming is responsible for 9 per cent of Green House Gases emission globally, which is directly related to the global warming. The primary sources of Green House Gases emission in swine production system are feed production (48.0%) and manure (27.4%). The other contributing factors (24.6%) are enteric emission, housing systems, feeding practices, energy utilization and supply chain. Areas in which mitigation measures against Green House Gases emission can be taken are manure management, strategic feed production and nutrition supply, housing, adopting organic production system, providing easily palatable feed to reduce enteric fermentation and using genetically improved superior breeds to reduce the numbers of swine to be reared.

Keywords : Climate Change Greenhouse Gases Renewable Resources Swine

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