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Novel Applications of Bacterial Ghost- A Review

Joycee Jogi Anju Nayak Poonam Shakya Ajay Rai Smita Bordoloi Himani K.
Vol 10(10), 64-73

The increased urbanization and changes in lifestyle has gifted us with an increasing spectrum of Infectious diseases. The traditional techniques used for combating the issues that threaten the health are becoming less efficient and showing no or very meagre effects. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop or adopt alternative strategies and modern approaches to conserve the health and to combat infections at global scale. In this race bacterial ghosts are considered to be a suitable option. Bacterial Ghosts are intact bacterial cell envelopes that were subjected to the evacuation of their cell content either gene based biological or chemical poring methods as a result of which they are empty shells acting as ghost. The safety as well as the efficacy of the killed vaccines along with the maintenance of their antigenicity due to the mild preparation procedures can be improved by these kinds of Ghost techniques, resulting in an excellent candidate availability for immunotherapy. This review provides a bird’s eye view on Bacterial Ghost.

Keywords : Antigenicity Bacterial Ghost Immunotherapy Killed Vaccines

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