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Stage Specific Expression Profile of Lipogenic Genes in Mammary Epithelial Cells of Surti and Jaffarabadi Buffaloes

Mamta Janmeda Gaurav Pandya Umed Ramani Nikhil Dangar Balkrushna Brahmkshtri Vishnu Kharadi
Vol 10(11), 60-66

The present study was conducted to study the relative gene expression of lipogenic genes at 15- and 60-day post-partum (pp) in primary bovine mammary epithelial cells (pBMEC) of Surti and Jaffarabadi buffaloes. Milk sample was collected from 10 healthy buffaloes of each breed selected at random from Livestock Research Station, Navsari and Cattle Breeding Farm, Junagadh, Gujarat. Non-invasive approach of obtaining pBMEC from buffalo milk samples was used to study relative gene expression of major milk lipogenic genes. The relative expression of the eight major milk lipogenic genes i.e. ABCG2, FASN, BTN1A1, SCD, LPL, GPAM, ACACA and LPIN were studied. Non-significant changes were observed in all the genes in both the lactation stages in both Surti and Jaffarabadi buffaloes except FASN which showed significant difference in Jaffarabadi buffaloes from 15 to 60 days pp in expression pattern suggesting steady expression of mammary lipid metabolism upto 60 days pp.

Keywords : Buffalo Jaffarabadi Gene Expression Lipogenic Genes Surti

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