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Gross Anatomy and Morphometry of the Brain in Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)

Shashi Kumar Balwant Meshram Hemant Joshi Devendra Saran Nishant Parmar Gajendra Singh
Vol 10(11), 79-84

The gross anatomical structure and morphometry of brain in Guinea fowl was studied in 12 samples of the brain. The brain was observed characterized into four different parts viz. the cerebrum, cerebellum, optic lobe and medulla oblongata. The average brain weight was observed as 3.924 gms, while the average length and breadth (width) were 26.853 mm and 19.857 mm respectively. The largest part of the brain was identified as the cerebrum and it resembled the shape of a betel leaf which was divided into left and right cerebral hemispheres and measuring average length and width as 19.857 mm and 16.119 mm respectively, which showed smooth texture, devoid of gyrus and sulcus. The cerebellum was located behind the transverse sulcus. The optic lobes were interconnected with rest of brain with fissure. The pons and the medulla oblongata were located consecutively at the posterior part of the ventral section of the brain.

Keywords : Anatomical Brain Guinea Fowl Morphometrical

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