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Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasitism in Goat Population of District Una (Himachal Pradesh)

Monika Thakur Ramandeep
Vol 10(11), 93-101

The present study was conducted with an aim to assess the prevalence of common gastrointestinal parasites (GIP’s) in goats and associated risk factors. The faecal samples analyzed for the present study were collected from goats (n=207) of different age groups and sex presented to Veterinary Polyclinic Lalhri from different regions of Una district of Himachal Pradesh during January 2018 to March 2020. The overall prevalence of GIPs in the present study was 78.26%, with a mean prevalence of 27.53, 42.02 and 8.69% for single, dual and mixed parasitic infection respectively. Prevalence of GIT parasites showed that females (81.28%) were significantly more susceptible than males (63.88%). A significant (p<0.05) association between age and prevalence was observed. The results of the present study indicates that periodical monitoring of GIT parasitism and well planned control measures to check the parasitic load among goats population is needed to prevent economic losses to the owners through morbidity and mortality.

Keywords : Economy Eimeria Gastrointestinal Parasitism Goats Himachal Pradesh Prevalence Strongyle Strongylloides Trichuris spp.

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