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Effect of Microclimate Alteration Devices and Feed Additive on Stress Related Behavioural Traits in Murrah Buffaloes

N. Ramya Ch. Hari Krishna N. Venumadhav
Vol 10(12), 123-127

The present study was carried out in twenty-four lactating Murrah buffaloes housed in four different groups (six in each group) viz. foggers (T1), fans (T2), fans and feed additive (T3) and control group (C) under loose housing system. Stress related behavioural traits of Murrah buffaloes were studied, of which, the mean feeding time was more in T2 group followed by T3, T1 and C groups of buffaloes while the mean rumination time was more in T1 group followed by T3, T2 and C groups of buffaloes. The mean resting time was more in C group of Murrah buffaloes followed by T3, T2 and T1 groups whereas the mean drinking time was more in C group followed by T2, T3 and T1 groups of buffaloes.

Keywords : Buffaloes Foggers Fans Feed Additive Stress Behavioural Traits

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