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Factors Influencing the Level of Awareness on Anti-rabies Vaccination among Dog Owners in Chennai

P. Athilakshmy P. Kumaravel N. Vimalrajkumar
Vol 10(12), 163-168

An exploratory study was undertaken in Chennai to figure out the factors influencing the level of awareness on anti-rabies vaccination for dogs among pet owners. The study was conducted purposively in Chennai with total sample size of 118 pet dog owners selected randomly. The relation between socio economic characters of the dog owners and the awareness on anti-rabies vaccination was analyzed using chi square test and logit model. Only 45.76% of the pet owners were aware of importance of anti-rabies vaccination for dogs. The analysis of the results revealed that majority of the pet owners completed collegiate education (56.5%), belonging to female category (48.5%), were having experience in rearing dogs (48.7%), attended training on dog management (72.2%) and those rearing exotic breed of dog (51.1%) were well aware of anti-rabies vaccination for dogs when compared to others. The dog owners, who reared dog for passion (41.2%), acquired the pet from breeder (48.9%) and not allowing the dogs inside their bedroom (55.3%) also had more awareness on anti-rabies vaccination for dogs. A logit model was fitted to explore determinant factors influencing the level of awareness on anti-rabies vaccination among dog owners. Of the above said variables, education of the dog owners was highly significant and attitude of not allowing the dog inside the bedroom was significant at five percent. Hence, it is high time to initiate awareness campaigns and training programmes on anti-rabies vaccination among the general public as the rabies is one among the threatening zoonotic diseases in humans.

Keywords : Anti-rabies Vaccination Awareness Dog Owners Pets Logit Model

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