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Productive and Reproductive Performance Traits Associated with Sahiwal Cattle of Punjab

M. Singh S. Kaur M. P. Singh H. K. Verma
Vol 10(12), 178-183

Preliminary data on Productive and Reproductive efficiency traits associated with Sahiwal Cattle maintained at Regional Research and Training Centre (RRTC), Kaljharani, Bathinda, Punjab, India, during period 2011 to 2016 revealed average values for productive traits i.e. 305 day Milk Yield (305 DMY; kg), Total Milk Yield (TMY; kg), Lactation Length (LL; days), Peak yield (PY; kg), Days to reach Peak Yield (DPY; days) and Dry Period (DP; days) as 1897.03±392.27, 1920.07±508.00, 270.71±64.32, 11.04±3.45 kg, 37.05±18.90 and 119.90±44.27, respectively. Fat and Solid-not-fat (SNF) percentage recorded was 4.25±0.81 and 8.16± 0.19. Similarly, average values for reproductive traits i.e., Body Weight at birth (BWT; Kg), Age at Puberty (AP; days), Age at first Calving (AC; days), Service Period (FSP; days), Calving Interval (CI; days) and First Postpartum Heat Period (PPHP; days) were 24.50±2.89, 1139.30±420.28, 1444.79±305.56, 141.13±34.29, 449.74±110.45 and 73.29±17.34, respectively. Satisfactory feeding, breeding and genetic improvement strategies would result in improved performance in Sahiwal cattle of Punjab.

Keywords : Sahiwal Lactation Reproduction Traits

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