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Performance of Crossbred and Local Pig in Namsai District of Arunachal Pradesh

Santosh Kumar B. K. D. Borah D. Sasmal M. Kanwat H. Kalita
Vol 10(12), 184-188

The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of crossbred (Hampshire 75% and Assam local 25%) and Local piglets under present climatic condition and farming practices of Namsai district. Average body wt. of male crossbred and local piglet reported higher (P<0.05) at 240- & 360-days age was 86.41±6.93 vs. 54.20±3.93 and 109.5±6.44 vs. 60±4.35 kg respectively similarly, female crossbred piglets were also gain significantly higher (P<0.05) body weight than the local piglets (49.50±1.17 vs. 37.91±1.99 kg) up to 240 days before pregnancy. The average age at maturity of gilts was 259±23 vs. 320±45 days, age at first farrowing 373±35 vs. 436±36.44, litter size (No.) at first farrowing (6.4 vs. 4.0) and net return from crossbred piglets was higher by 64.24% in comparison to Local piglets. Thus, it is concluded that the crossbred piglets can sustain in the prevailing climatic condition of Namsai district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Keywords : Crossbred Pig Performance Namsai District

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