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Microbiological Quality of Milk and Milk Products in Jabalpur City

Pooja Singh Ranvijay Singh Bhavana Gupta Sabya Sanchi Tripathi Shakuntala Birla Sujata Meravi Bhanu Pratap Singh
Vol 10(12), 194-200

The present study was done to assess the sanitary / hygienic quality of milk through standard plate count and coliform count in milk and milk products. A total of 210 milk and milk products (42 each of raw milk, khoa, ice-creams, flavored milk and dahi) were collected from different sources in Jabalpur city in sterile bottles and poly bags. The bacteriological quality of milk and milk products were examined by standard plate count (SPC) and coliform count. The present study of milk and milk products showed that 30.9% and 64.2 % of raw milk samples had high standard plate counts (SPC) and coliform count, respectively. In investigation of khoa samples, higher SPC (83.34%) and coliform count (35.66%) were observed, with significant difference among the groups of products. Among ice-cream samples, 11.9% displayed higher SPC while, 40.47% showed high coliform counts. The SPC and coliform count of flavored milk viz. 76.1% and 78.5% samples were under acceptable limit respectively, while, 23.8% and 21.4% had SPC and coliform count above prescribed limit, respectively. The examination in dahi samples showed 42.85% and 28.57 % had higher SPC and coliform counts, respectively. The presence of bacterial count and coliform count in milk and milk products revealed poor sanitary conditions prevailing in the environment and thus, consumption of same may pose public health hazard.

Keywords : Assessment Microbiological Quality Milk and Milk Products

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