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Unilateral Mastectomy as Successful Radical Therapy of Traumatized Udder in an Assam Hill Goat: A Case Report

Manav Sharma Jahnabi Doley Ritrisha Saikia MriduPavan Baishya Biraj Kr. Sarma Ruma Devi
Vol 10(12), 243-246

This communication reports successful surgical removal of an injured quarter of udder in a 3.5-year-old Assam Hill goat. The doe was brought to the Veterinary Clinical Complex following a long-standing tea garden fencing injury on the left quarter of the udder. Clinical examination revealed unilateral protrusion of mammary tissue through the ruptured quarter of the mammary gland along with presence of hard consistency and necrotic tissue at center of the wound. The doe was subjected to unilateral mastectomy followed by supportive therapy, which brought satisfactory uneventful recovery.

Keywords : Goat Mammary gland Mastectomy Quarter Udder

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