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Augmentation of Meat Quality Attributes of Broilers by Dietary Supplementation of Selenium and Ashwagandha

Manoj Kumar Singh Jinu Manoj Dev Sahran Sahu Yogesh Kumar
Vol 10(12), 73-78

The present experiment was undertaken to explore the possibilities of augmentation of broiler meat quality attributes with dietary supplementation of selenium and ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). The birds were reared with various levels of selenium and ashwagandha in feed for 6 weeks. The broilers were slaughtered as per scientific method at the end of the trial and dressed to produce meat under hygienic conditions at 42 days of age. There was no significant difference observed in dressing percentage and cooking yield among the treatment groups. Physico-chemical attributes of broiler meat revealed that there was a significant (p<0.05) increase in moisture, protein, ash content and water holding capacity with a significant decrease in fat and cholesterol content with increasing level of selenium and ashwagandha in poultry feed. There was a non-significant (p<0.05) difference observed among meat pH of different groups. The quality of meat was found superior in treatment groups when compared to control group with respect to all the attributes studied viz., appearance, flavor, tenderness, texture, juiciness and overall acceptability on the basis of sensory scores on 9-point Hedonic scale. Out of six groups, the treatment group T5 in which 0.20 mg/Kg selenium and 2.5% ashwagandha was supplemented was found superior with respect to proximate principles as well as sensory attributes. Hence, supplementation of selenium and ashwagandha in poultry feed may be a promising tool for production of nutritionally manipulated poultry meat for health-conscious consumers.

Keywords : Ashwagandha Broiler Meat Quality Attributes Selenium Physico-chemical Sensory Evaluation

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