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Identification of the Technical Skills Needed by the Field Veterinarians for Effective Service Delivery

Sireesha Pulla P. R. Nisha
Vol 10(12),91-98

The study was conducted to identify the skills needed by field veterinarians for delivering effective livestock services to the farming community. Data were collected to compare the technical skills imparted to veterinary students from veterinary faculties and students as well as the technical skills practiced by field veterinarians from veterinarians and farmers. A total of 39 skills constituting clinical, para clinical, animal production and extension skills were identified and data collected from a total of 120 respondents, 30 each from veterinary faculty, students, field veterinarians and farmers through structured questionnaire. Clinical skills were identified as most important skill by all the categories of respondents and among them physical examination was ranked as most important skill. Among the para clinical skills, handling of outbreak was ranked most important skill by students, field veterinarians and farmers whereas faculty ranked conducting post-mortem. Among the production skills, faculty and farmers ranked animal dentition and ageing as most important skill whereas students ranked selection of animals including Body Condition Score and field veterinarians ranked casting and restraining of livestock. Among the extension skills, arranging extension activities was ranked most important skill by veterinarians whereas faculty and students ranked communication skills to build rapport with clientele and farmers ranked understanding group dynamics. The study concluded that undergraduate veterinary curriculum to be oriented to match the stakeholders’ expectations.

Keywords : Veterinary Faculty Field Veterinarians Veterinary Skills Veterinary Students Farmers

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