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Occurrence of Systemic Mycosis in Broiler Chicken

Aparna K Manaswini Reddy P Maimona Parveen Shaik Ravikumar Yadala Sandhyarani K Swathi B. Lakshman M.
Vol 10(4), 102-105

Mycosis is a common disease in poultry caused by Aspergillus spp. Route of infection is by inhalation of spores. Systemic mycosis occurs by spread of spores and hyphae through haematogenous route, lymphatics and by host cells. At necropsy, gross findings included multiple nodules in thoracic cavity, lungs, heart, air sacs and swollen kidneys. Cultural examination and staining revealed the fungal growth. Histopathological examination of lung with Periodic Acid Schiff stain revealed granulomatous inflammation with central caseous necrosis, mononuclear cell infiltration, epithelioid cells, giant cells with fungal hyphae.

Keywords : Aspergillus spp Microbiological Examination PAS Poultry Systemic Mycosis

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