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Assessment of Knowledge Level of Goat Farmers about Feeding Practices in Punjab

Sukhwinder Singh Rajesh Kasrija Parminder Singh Chawla Jaswinder Singh Nitin S. Wakchaure
Vol 10(4), 55-59

The present study was conducted from January to October 2019 among randomly selected 240 goat farmers belonging to six different agro-climatic zones of Punjab state (40 farmers from each zone) to assess their knowledge level about feeding practices. Knowledge about stall feeding of goat, types of feed, feeding schedule, mineral mixture, ration formulation, additional feed supplement, silage & hay making, cleaning of utensils and provision of fresh & clean water was possessed by 40.00 per cent, 40.42 per cent, 30.42 per cent, 35.83 per cent, 29.17 per cent, 28.75 per cent, 37.08 per cent, 57.50 per cent and 47.08 per cent respectively. The mean knowledge of goat farmers about feeding practices in Punjab was 38.47 per cent. There were significant differences between feeding knowledge scores (P < 0.01) of goat farmers in different agro-climatic zones of Punjab. The knowledge level about feeding practices in different zones was low to medium. The present study highlights the importance of assessing knowledge level of goat farmer belonging to a particular area before organizing extension activity in that area. In addition, there is need to strengthen extension activities for goat farmers especially for feeding practices by reframing them according to knowledge level of goat farmer.

Keywords : Agro-climatic zones Assessment Farmer Feeding Goat Knowledge Punjab

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