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Clinico-pathological and Molecular Investigations in Classical Swine Fever Outbreak in Shirwal, Maharashtra State, India

Vitthal Shrirang Dhaygude Sayali K. KOhale Uday R. Bagal Bhupesh P. Kamdi Shruti B. Bhosale Nitin V. Kurkure
Vol 10(4), 60-66

Present investigation describes an outbreak of CSF based on clinical signs, gross, microscopic lesions, antigen detection ELISA and RT- PCR in a pig herd located in Shirwal town of Maharashtra State (India). The farm was incepted just 3 months prior to outbreak without obtaining history of vaccination and without following quarantine before purchase. The pigs were not vaccinated against CSF and were fed on uncooked waste. There are very few reports of classical swine fever in western Maharashtra and the present investigation shall add into the knowledge of epidemiology of this disease.

Keywords : Classical Swine Fever RT-PCR

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