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Socio-Demographic Factors Affecting Purchase Decision of Milk and Milk Products in Barnala District of Punjab – A Multivariate Logit Analysis

Lalita Prakash Masih Rachit Kumar Suryendra Singh
Vol 10(4), 67-72

The study was conducted to evaluate the consumers’ awareness on food (milk and milk products) labelling in Barnala district of Punjab, India. A total of 750 consumers/ respondents (57.33% female) were interviewed while purchasing milk and milk products at various modern format retail stores, shops and food restaurants to evaluate their awareness on food labelling and use of pack information using a questionnaire. Consumers’ responses showed moderate to high level of awareness and 60.93% consumers use food labels during purchase. However, only 30.53% consumers perceived labelling information as very much important. Logistic regression results showed that gender, education and occupation were more likely to influence significantly (P< 0.001) the purchase decision of consumers. It is concluded that consumers in Barnala district give considerable importance to the food labels and read it before making final purchase decisions. However, this study is conducted in urban and peri-urban areas and only for milk and milk products, hence; the results would not be useful to other pre-packaged foods and in rural areas of district.

Keywords : Consumer Awareness Food Labels Logit Analysis Pre-Packaged Milk and Milk Products Perception

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