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Molecular Detection of Food Borne Pathogen Bacillus cereus in Ready to Eat Meat Products

Rathnapraba Sambandam B. J. Sathish Sharma S. Saranya S. Meignanalakshmi
Vol 10(4), 79-84

Bacillus cereus is a causative agent for common foodborne outbreaks. In this study, we investigate the presence of food borne bacterial pathogen, Bacillus cereus in ready to eat meat products by cultural and molecular techniques and their antibiotic resistance profiles. Ready to eat meat products (n = 115) were procured from commercial outlets in and around Chennai. Enumeration and isolation of B. cereus was performed by conventional culture and molecular method targeting 185 bp of haemolysin (HL) gene. The isolates obtained were tested for antibiotic sensitivity against commonly used antibiotics. Out of 115 samples screened, 29 found to be positive with 25.2% incidence rate of Bacillus cereus in meat products. The obtained six isolates of B. cereus had 100% resistance against vancomycin and penicillin. The isolates were sensitive towards methicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline and chloramphenicol antibiotics. Hence, the occurrence of B. cereus in ready to eat meat products with the isolates being resistant to antibiotics may cause a serious public health concern and need to be addressed.

Keywords : Bacillus cereus Food Pathogen Molecular Detection Meat Products

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