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Occurrence of Aspergillosis in Guinea Fowl

P. Manaswini Reddy Shaik Maimona Parveen K. Aparna M. Srikanth Reddy Y. Ravikumar K. Sandhyarani B. Swathi M. Lakshman
Vol 10(5),134-137

Aspergillosis is an infectious, non contagious fungal disease caused by Aspergillus species in wild and domestic birds characterized by primary involvement of lower respiratory system. Here, a case of pulmonary aspergillosis in guinea fowl with respiratory distress was reported. At necropsy, caseous nodules were observed in lungs, caseous plaques were observed on air sacs. Mycological examination revealed presence of dichotomous hyphae. Microscopically, histopathological examination revealed granulomatous pneumonia. Based on the gross, mycological and histopathological examination, the present case was diagnosed as pulmonary aspergillosis.

Keywords : Aspergillosis Guinea Fowl Granulomatous Pneumonia

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