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Intestinal Obstruction by Coconut Kernel in a German Shepherd Dog – A Case Report

C. L. Sunil K. M. Srinivasa Murthy B. N. Nagaraja
Vol 10(5), 138-141

A 3.5 years old German Shepherd dog was brought to the clinic with the complaint of not passing stools for 5 days and was suspected for foreign material ingestion. On physical examination, the pet was dehydrated with a distended abdomen. On abdominal palpation, a hard mass was palpable in the cranial abdominal region. A survey radiograph of the lateral abdomen revealed the presence of radiodense material in the cranial abdomen. Twelve hours post-barium radiograph showed narrowed intestinal lumen with gas-filled intestinal loops and it was suspected for intestinal obstruction. Hence decided for emergency exploratory laparotomy. On exploration, a coconut kernel was obstructing the intestinal lumen, which was retrieved by enterotomy. Seven days post-surgery, the pet recovered uneventfully.

Keywords : Coconut Kernel Exploratory Laparotomy Enterotomy German Shepherd

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