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Prevalence of Obesity Associated Disorders in Companion Dogs

Zinnia Marcelo Sujata Turkar S. K. Uppal Neetu Saini Sushma Chhabra
Vol 10(5), 20-26

This study was conducted in 142 clinically sick overweight/obese dogs presented with clinical signs and were diagnosed for various disorders. Seven comorbidities were identified in these dogs on the basis of history, clinical signs, hematobiochemical analysis, ultrasonography, electrocardiography, echocardiography, radiography, urinalysis, skin scrapping, fungal examination and fine needle aspiration cytology in required cases. Obesity is associated with various comorbidities; highest being dermatological (32%), followed by cardiac (18%), orthopaedic (15%), respiratory (12%), endocrine (12%), urinary (9%) and neoplastic disorders (2%).

Keywords : Body Condition Score Disorders Dogs Obesity Ultrasonography

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