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Udder and Teat Biometry and Its Relation with Milk Production in Different Strains of Deoni Cattle

Hiremath Basavaraj Prashant Waghmare Vivek M. Patil M. D. Suranagi Anant Rao Desai Mallikarjun. H
Vol 10(5), 78-83

The present study was conducted on 256 Deoni cattle in 13 villages and LRIC (Deoni) of Bidar district, which were included in the project “Field Performance Recording of Deoni cattle in Bidar district” as part of Rashtriya Gokul Mission. The strain-wise udder and teat biometry, lactation milk yield and correlations were studied. The overall mean of udder length, udder width and udder depth were found to be 41.476 ± 0.3570, 37.773 ± 0.4770 and 15.238 ± 0.1070 cm, respectively. The overall mean of fore teat length, rear teat length, fore teat diameter and rear teat diameter were found to be 3.968 ± 0.0790, 3.505 ± 0.0750, 2.029 ± 0.0130 and 1.930 ± 0.0120 cm, respectively. The overall mean lactation milk yield was found to be 1173 ± 33.868 kg. There was no significant effect of strain on any of udder and teat parameters or lactation milk yield.

Keywords : Correlation Deoni Cattle Milk Production Strains Teat Biometry Udder Biometry

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