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Effect of Neem (Azadirachta indica) Leaf Powder on Clostridium perfringens Induced Infection in Broiler Chicks

A. R. Shinde M. A. Khan S. G. Chavhan R. R. Mugale N. Z. Gaikwad S. P. Awandkar
Vol 10(5), 97-105

The experimental chicks (n=150) were equally divided into five groups (n =30, CON: healthy control, NLP: Neem leaf powder control, CLP: Clostridium perfringens infected, CLB: CLP + Bacitracin and CLN: CLP + Neem leaf powder). On necropsy, the CLP group birds duodenum, jejunum/ileum frequently found distended containing large amounts blood mixed mucoid contents. Histopathological examination of intestines from CLP group birds showed extensive coagulative necrosis and sloughing of villi. Overall, the severity of gross and histopathological lesions in various organs was comparatively less in CLN group as compared to CLP group. In conclusion, the oral supplementation of neem leaf powder although could not completely prevent the chicks from Clostridium perfringens infection, but it showed moderate ameliorating effect in affected chicks in terms of severity of clinical symptoms and pathological lesions.

Keywords : Clostridium perfringens Gross and Histopathological Lesions Neem Leaf Powder

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