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Vaginal Electrical Resistance (VER) Measurements in Goats in Different Reproductive States

Satish Nain Devendra Kumar Bhanu Prakash G. N. Purohit
Vol 10(6), 122-126

With an objective to evaluate the efficiency of vaginal electrical resistance (VER) measurements in differentiating the stage of the estrous cycle, the VER was recorded in goats (n=62) 12 h before their slaughter and the genitalia were collected to stage the reproductive cycle. Among the genitalia collected, 13 were pregnant and 10, 10, 15, and 14 were in proestrus, estrus, metestrus and diestrus, respectively. The VER was 37.5±0.81, 36.6±1.14, 47.27±1.82, 51.28±2.45 and 43.54±2.39 Ohms, respectively for the respective stages of proestrus, estrus, metestrus, diestrus and pregnancy. Significantly lower (P<0.05) VER was found in proestrus, and estrus compared to other reproductive stages. The VER was not significantly different in goats that were pregnant or in diestrus. It was concluded that VER in goats is low during proestrus and estrus and can be used to stage estrus in goats but not for pregnancy diagnosis.

Keywords : Goats Estrus Diestrus Pregnancy Vaginal Electrical Resistance

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