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Immunogenicity and Safety of a Classical Swine Fever Vaccine in Pigs

S. P. Veera D. Rathanamma Buddhe Ekambaram S. B. Prasanna Y. Kankarne K. Srinivas Suprita Sinha
Vol 10(6), 127-131

Field trial of Classical Swine Fever vaccine, manufactured by Indian Immunologicals Limited, was undertaken at Bangalore and Hyderabad Veterinary Colleges. The study was designed to assess the immunogenicity and safety in pigs. A total of 80 healthy pigs which were seronegative for Classical Swine Fever virus antibodies were used for the trial. Pigs were enrolled on the basis of eligibility criteria. Animals were randomly divided into two groups in the ratio of 3:1. Group-I, treatment group, received the vaccine and Group-II, control group, received normal saline. Immunogenicity was compared by estimating seroconversion at 30 days post- vaccination between both the groups. Safety of vaccine was assessed during vaccination and in the follow-up period after vaccination. Hundred percent (100%) seroconversion was observed in the treatment group at 30th day. The investigational vaccine was found to be safe as it showed no serious or adverse events following vaccination.

Keywords : Classical Swine Fever Field Trial Immunogenicity Safety Vaccine

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