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A Comprehensive Study on Conventional Poultry Production System in Mizoram

Devajani Deka J. B. Rajesh Hitesh Bayan L. Ralte
Vol 10(6), 149-157

Backyard system of poultry production has been followed by the farmers of Mizoram and so far there is no proper studies concerning the different areas of village poultry production. The study on village poultry production was conducted in three districts of Mizoram and the farmers (n= 126) were selected by using a multi stage sampling procedure. The data on different aspects of village poultry production system like purpose of farming, housing, feeding practice, flock characteristics, production performance, mortality, medication and vaccination were collected, compiled, tabulated, analyzed and discussed. Women work force was more in village poultry management and majority had flock size more than 8 and 36.89% of chicken population were under three weeks of age. Cross bred birds were more in villages and rearing system followed was semi scavenging system. Diseases were the primary cause of mortality and farmers were practicing ethno veterinary medicines for curing the diseases.

Keywords : Backyard Mizoram Poultry Production Village

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