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Therapeutic Management of Theileriosis in Sheep

Ajay S. Satbige N. A. Patil
Vol 10(6), 168-170

Nine crossbred sheep presented with the symptoms of high fever (104°F to 106°F), pale mucous membrane, enlargement of superficial lymph nodes and the presence of ticks on the body. The blood smears examination revealed the presence of Theileria organisms. On hematology reveal decreased Packed cell volume (PCV %), haemoglobin (Hb) and total erythrocyte count (TEC). The affected sheep were treated with single dose of buparvaquone at the dose rate of 2.5 mg/kg body weight intramuscularly along with supportive therapy of iron sorbitol injection once in 3 days for 4 times could cure all the animals.

Keywords : Buparvaquone Crossbred Sheep Tick Theileria

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