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Retrograde Urethrography with Diatrizoate Meglumine Sodium for Detection of Xanthine Urethrolithiasis in Dalmatian: A Case Report

Nirmali Sarma Bedanga Konwar Hitesh Bayan Chandan Kumar Singh Analisha Debbarma L. Chang
Vol 10(6), 171-175

Xanthine urolithiasis occurs less frequently in dogs. An 8-year male cross bred Dalmatian dog was presented with painful micturition since the past month. The dog was treated in the field with antibiotic and analgesic, but no improvement observed. The owner reported that change of urine colour to reddish yellow. Clinical examination revealed dullness, lethargy, discomfort and reactive on palpation of the abdomen. Plain radiograph in lateral and ventrodorsal view was unable to detect the calculi. Grey scale ultrasonography revealed normal echotexture of urinary tract with no apparent obstruction. Retrograde contrast radiography in lateral view with Diatrizoate Meglumine Sodium @0.5mg/kgbwt revealed three circular radiolucent calculi at the os penis. Hydropulsion of urinary calculi followed by cystotomy was performed by mid-ventral celiotomy to extract all calculi. The patient recovered uneventfully with non-recurrence for 1-month post-surgery.

Keywords : Diatrizoate Meglumine Sodium Mixed Breed Dog Retrograde Urethrography Xanthine

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