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Comparative Feeding Practices in Specialized Dairy Farms in Gujarat Regions

D. N. Gadhavi L. M. Sorathiya A. L. Rathva
Vol 10(6), 37-42

A study was carried out to compare the feeding management practices of specialized dairy farms of north and south Gujarat. The data were collected from ten specialized dairy farm each from north and south Gujarat. Analyzed data revealed that many dairy farms (40%) were using TMR feeding for their animals. Majority (85%) of the respondents has fed purchased readymade concentrate (mainly Sabardan and Amuldan) and 15 percent of the respondents have used self-made concentrate feed. It showed that green maize, rajka-bajri and hybrid Napier grass was major source of green fodder fulfilling 80-90% of green fodder requirement in north region used by 5, 3 and 2% farms, respectively during July to February. The availability and utilization of green fodder during same period in south Gujarat was totally different i.e. sugarcane, sorghum, marvel grass and hybrid Napier grass used by 6, 1, 1 and 2 farms, respectively as 70-90% source of green fodder.

Keywords : Fodder Availability Fodder Utilization Maize Silage Total Mixed Ration

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