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An Assessment of Livelihood Security of Farmers practicing Sericulture Based Dairy Farming in Karnataka State

C. E. Girish K. S. Kadian B. S. Meena Kalyan Mandi
Vol 10(6), 43-50

Sericulture and dairy farming play synergistic role in the livelihood of farmers particularly in Karnataka state. It provides assured income and employment to the farmers. Many studies revealed that when dairy enterprise was combined with other enterprises with scientific management offered greater opportunities for increasing farm income and employment, particularly to the weaker sections of the rural community. The study was therefore, conducted in the Karnataka state as it is the highest producer of silk in the country and was also ranked 11th among all milk producing state in India. Two districts were selected for the purpose of study (Kolar and Chikkaballapura). From each district two blocks was randomly selected. And, from each block three villages were randomly selected, wherein 15 respondents were randomly selected from each village. Therefore, a total of 180 respondents were selected for the study. The purpose of the study aims to access the livelihood security of the farmers practicing sericulture based dairy farming with the help of a composite livelihood security index consisting of 5 sub-indicators viz. Food and nutritional security, Economic and marketing security, Social security, Infrastructural security and Resource use efficiency. The salient findings revealed that, overall livelihood security index was found to be 0.76. Among which food and nutritional security had index value (0.86) while infrastructural security had low index value (0.65). According to overall livelihood security 46.11 per cent of the respondents fell under high level followed by 22.22 per cent with very high level. Hence, extension personnel working at grass root level should actively involve in providing opportunities to the sericulture based dairy farmers in Karnataka state.

Keywords : Dairy Farmers Livelihood Security Sericulture

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