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Influence of Various Managemental Interventions on Tellicherry Kids Survivability in an Organized Goat Farm

S. Muthukumar Thamil Vannan Thanga S. Meenakshi Sundaram S. Hemalatha Samuel Masilamoni Ronald
Vol 10(6), 57-60

A study was carried out to find out the influence of Managemental Interventions on kid survivability in an organized goat farm with more than 500 breedable Tellicherry does at Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu. Detailed study was carried out in all the 52 kids died out of 551 live kids born during the study period of nine months. The influence of following managemental interventions on kid survivability were studied viz, vaccination of dam (χ2= 4.89*), suckling mode (χ2=5.26*), kidding pen (χ2=5.36*), nutritional management of dam (χ2=6.64**) and shed disinfection (χ2=0.76NS). The chi square analysis of the data revealed that significantly higher (P<0.01) survival rate of kids were recorded in following interventions viz, vaccination of dam in late gestation against Enterotoxaemia and controlled nursing of kids (suckling mode). Interventions like provision of kidding pen and extra concentrate supplementation during the last month of gestation were negatively influenced the kid survivability.

Keywords : Disinfection Influence Kid Survivability Kidding Pen Suckling Mode

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