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Prevalence of Gastro-Intestinal Parasites in Semi-intensive Pig Farming in Mizoram

J. B. Rajesh H. Prasad Kalyan Sarma Devajani Deka Zosangpuii G. E. Chethan
Vol 10(6), 61-65

The study included, faecal samples from 68 pigs belong to semi-intensive system farming. No anthelmintic treatment were given in these farms and samples were collected for the identification of certain parasitic eggs/ova i.e., Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichiuris trichiura, Strongyloides and Cryptosporidium. Epidemiological parameters such as population density of the farm, and system of housing and managemental practices were recorded using a standard format and analysed. Samples were then subjected to iodine/saline preparation, acid decolourisation, zinc floatation and NaOH concentration techniques for detection of any such eggs/ova. Thirty-eight samples were found positive for different ova. Overall prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites recorded among 68 pigs from different farm was 55.88%. A prevalence rate of 42.11% was recorded for Ascaris suum and 21.1% prevalence was recorded for cryptosporidium. Results were tabulated and discussed.

Keywords : Acid Decolourisation Faecal Pig Sample Semi-Intensive Zinc Floatation

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