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Effect of Improved Shelter and Improved Nutrition on Wool Yield and Wool Quality of Magra Lambs in Two Lambing Seasons Under Arid Zone

T. Bothra A. K. Patel Vijay Kumar Dinesh Jain Nirmala Saini Umesh Kumar Prajapat
Vol 10(7), 110-117

In an attempt to assess the effect of improved nutrition and improved shelter either alone or in combination, an experiment was conducted at ICAR-ARC-CSWRI, Bikaner in two phases. In each phase, forty male Magra lambs of 15 days old age were taken from ARC-CSWRI, Bikaner; ten lambs in each group were used in a randomized block design upto the six month of age, born during season 1 and season 2. Performance of lambs were assessed by studying wool parameters. The obtained results of meteorological variables indicated that there was wide variation in temperature and THI. The results of greasy fleece yield was observed to be highly significant (P<0.01) due to main effect of season. Non-significant effect was observed on all parameters of wool quality. At the end, based on the performance of lambs, it appears that incorporation of both improved nutrition and improved shelter is a viable proposition for optimum wool production.

Keywords : Greasy Fleece Yield Improved Nutrition Season

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