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Identification of Gut Endocrine Cells in Intestine of Post Hatch Broiler Chicken: A Histological and Histochemical Study

A. K. Mandal U. K. Mishra
Vol 10(7), 133-138

A comparative histological and histochemical study was undertaken to evaluate different staining techniques for identification of gut endocrine cells in post hatch broiler chickens. Fifty (50) day old broiler chicks were reared in experimental pens up to day 43. Histological and histochemical studies were carried out on different segments of gastro-intestinal tract of the birds at different ages (from day 1 to day 43 at weekly intervals). Different light microscopic staining methods were employed to elucidate nine morphological types of gut endocrine cells. Out of the staining techniques followed, ferric ferricyanide reduction test and argentaffin reaction elucidated the histomorphology of the endocrine cells better. The former one was the best among these methods, followed by the argentaffin reaction and lead haematoxylin technique. The detailed and systematic study in this regard authenticates the very importance and usefulness of special staining techniques for localization and identification of endocrine cells along the length of the gut in broiler chickens.

Keywords : Broiler Chicken Gut Endocrine Cells Histological and Histochemical Study Identification

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