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Comparatives Study of Paddy Straw Based Complete Ration with Pineapple Waste as Unconventional Feed Source on the Production Performance of Cross Bred Dairy Cows in Early Lactation in Hilly Regions of Wayanad

K. Raseel Biju Chacko C. Sunanda John Abraham
Vol 10(7), 150-156

A study was conducted for the comparative evaluation of conventional and Pineapple waste-based TMR in dairy cows on the basis of production performance. Two isonitrogenous and isocaloric complete rations, T1 with conventional feed ingredients and T2 by replacing 1/3rd of maize with pineapple waste, respectively, were formulated. A feeding trial of 90 days duration was conducted in dairy cows yielding approximately 10 litres of milk per day and within ten days of lactation. It could be found that the body weight, DMI and The milk yield of cows fed on T1 and T2 started increasing from the first fortnight onwards and was similar between treatments (P>0.005) in all the fortnights and average daily milk yield of cows fed on ration T2 (12.94 kg) was significantly higher (P<0.01) than those fed on T1 (11.94 kg). The milk composition parameters were similar (P>0.05) between treatments. These findings indicate that pineapple waste could be used to substitute maize and can be successfully incorporated in paddy straw based complete ration containing 35 per cent NDF for lactating dairy cows.

Keywords : Complete Ration Dairy Cow Rearing Milk Yield Pineapple Waste Unconventional Feeds

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