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Dystocia due to Post –Cervical Uterine Torsion in a Sindhi Mare

A. A. Fotariya U. R. Dalsaniya B. G. Chaudhary K. K. Gurjar R. K. Chaudhari C. F. Chaudhari T. V. Sutaria
Vol 10(7), 173-177

A six-year-old full term pluriparous Sindhi mare was presented with the history of intermittent abdominal pain and straining since one day which was diagnosed with anti- clockwise more than 1800 post-cervical uterine torsion. Uterine torsion was relieved with three successive rolling by modified Schaffer's method and delivered dead male foetus through traction following mutation. The mare recovered completely without any complications.

Keywords : Mare Modified Schaffer's Method Uterine Torsion

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