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Seasonal Variation in Serum Biochemical, Electrolyte and Hormonal Profile of Deoni Cattle

Chandrashekar Shrikant Kukarni K. B. Sathisha I. J. Reddy P. T. Vinay Srinivas Reddy Bllur Satishchandra Biradar S. M. Kartikesh
Vol 10(7), 35-40

The present study was designed to understand the impact of season on biochemical, and hormonal parameters in Deoni cow. Study period comprises winter, spring and summer. Ambient temperature and relative humidity were recorded from sensor based automatic weather station and temperature relative humidity index (THI) was calculated. Blood samples were collected two times in each season from eight selected animals. Biochemical parameters were estimated using semi-automated biochemistry analyzer. The hormonal parameters were estimated by radio immune assay technique. The glucose, protein, triglycerides, cholesterol and creatinine were significantly (P≤0.05) lower in summer season. Significantly higher BUN and lower sodium and potassium were noticed in summer. Tri-iodothyronine and thyroxin were significantly higher in winter and lowest in summer. The cortisol concentration was higher in summer and lower in spring season. Exposing animals to higher thermal load leads to changes in the biochemical and hormonal profile to maintain normal physiological process.

Keywords : Biochemistry Deoni Hormones Seasons Stress

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