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Estimation of Bacterial Load from Preputial Washing of Jaffrabadi Bulls

S. S. Parikh F. S. Kavani A. R. Bariya A. S. Patel R. B. Makwana G. B. Solanki T. K. Patbandha
Vol 10(7), 41-46

The present study was conducted to identify the bacterial load of preputial cavity in adult and young Jaffrabadi bulls which were selected from the Cattle Breeding Farm, JAU, Junagadh. Preputial wash material was collected by syringe method after infusing 125 ml of warmed normal saline into preputial cavity. Bacterial loads from samples were estimated by using standard plate count method. The bacterial loads in individual preputial samples of Jaffrabadi bulls were 168, 101, 189, 68, and 57 cfu/ml with overall mean of 116.60+26.50 cfu/ml. Majority of bulls had gram positive bacterial except one bull had gram negative bacterial count. Preputial cavity is the main source of contamination of ejaculated semen and bacterial load present in preputial cavity which cause the detrimental effects on the semen quality besides the fertility. So, these findings could be helpful for proper managemental interventions to augment the semen quality and future fertility by using a drug or reduce the load by serial preputial washings.

Keywords : Bacterial Load Jaffrabadi Bulls Preputial Wash Standard Plate Count

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