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Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Mammary Gland in Boer Local Goats

S. Senthilkumar T. A. Kannan Geetha Ramesh D. Sumathi R. Gnanadevi
Vol 10(7), 54-59

Two-dimensional ultrasonographic examination of the udder and teats were performed in lactating and non-lactating Boer local she-goats (n=6 each) using 7.5 to 12.5 MHz linear transducer in a transverse and longitudinal plane. The udder was examined by the direct contact method. In, both the groups, the mammary gland parenchyma was uniformly echogenic. However, in lactating animals, the parenchyma showed an increased anechoic field due to accumulation of milk and increased vascularity of blood vessels. Right and left teats were examined by the water bath technique. In teat, three different layers were observed viz., anechoic teat cistern, hyperechoic teat skin, moderately echogenic middle layer and hyperechoic inner teat mucosa. Furstenberg's rosette region appeared as round, homogenous hypoechoic to anechoic. Teat orifice was hyperechoic, teat canal observed as a thin hyperechoic line between two thicker parallel hypoechoic bands. Between lactating and non-lactating animals, statistically no significant difference was observed in teat canal length (TCL), teat canal width (TCW), teat cistern diameter (TCD), teat wall thickness (TWT) and in diameter at Furstenberg’s rosette (DFR).

Keywords : Boer Local She-Goat Teat Udder Ultrasonography

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