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Properties of Fresh Ejaculate and Correlation among Parameters in Sudanese Nubian Bucks

M. E. Badawi R. M. Abdelghafar Y. E. Elhady K. A. Karmalla N. M. Salem M. T. Ibrahim
Vol 10(7), 60-64

In this experiment, six proved fertile Nubian bucks were used to determine fresh semen characteristics and association of parameters in Sudanese Nubian bucks. Over the 9 weeks interval a total of 59 ejaculates were collected from bucks by using artificial vagina once a week. The ejaculate parameters such as: volume, colour, consistency, mass motility score, percentage of individual motility and proportion of live to dead sperm were evaluated. In addition, associations between the semen parameters were also investigated. The results showed creamy to milky semen colour; consistency was fairly uniform and thin. The ejaculate volume, mass motility score, progressive motility percentage and sperm viability were 1.03 ± 0.3 ml, 4.64 ±0.6, 93.48 ± 3.1% and 92.73 ± 4.1%, respectively. Positive correlations of color with consistency (r = 0.64) and live sperm (r = 0.41) were found significant. There was also a negative correlation between colour and dead sperm (r = - 0.41).

Keywords : Correlation Nubian Buck Semen Quality

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