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Effects of Thymus vulgaris, Euphorbia hirta and Alium sativum as Feed Additives on the Growth Parameters and Semen Characteristics of Kabir Chicken Roosters

Emmanuel Takor Ojong Felix Ngwese Ebwekoh Joseline Motsaa Sob Jean Paul Toukala Kenneth J. N. Ndamukong Christian Keambou Tiambo
Vol 10(7), 85-97

This study was to evaluate the effects of Allium sativum, Thymus vulgaris and Euphorbia hirta on the growth and semen characteristics of Kabir chicken roosters. 160 roosters were randomly distributed into 8 groups which respectively received a commercial antibiotic 0.5g/L H2O, a basal diet alone or with 0.75% and 1.5%Euphorbia, 0.5% and 1.0%Thyme, and 0.5% and 1.0%garlic powders. Feed intake (FI), weights gain (WG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR), were recorded weekly. Carcass and organ weights (OW) were evaluated at the 12th week of the study. Semen evaluation was done from the 20th week of the study. The WG was positively affected by the treatments (P˂0.05) during the first seven weeks of the study. The FI, FCR, Carcass, OW and Semen parameters, were not significantly affected by the treatments. It is concluded that, the incorporation of some feed additives enhanced growth of roosters with no negative effects on the semen profile.

Keywords : Feed Additives Feed Intake Kabir Chicken Semen Characteristics

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