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Accelerated Kidding System in Goats through Eestorus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination

S. Rangasamy P. Tensingh Gnanaraj T. Muthuramalingam A. Sabarinathan
Vol 10(8), 110-113

The present study aimed at exploring the effective synchronization and fixed time artificial insemination protocol in goats. The does were randomly divided into four groups of ten each. Synchronization protocol followed for Group I, II and III does were administrated with intra vaginal sponge of Progesterone, Fluorogestone acetate (FGA) and TRIU-C followed by PGF2α and PMSG, respectively. Group IV does in natural estrus served as control. Fixed time artificial insemination done for group I, II, III whereas group IV does artificial insemination based on estrus signs. Early pregnancy diagnosis was done using ultrasonography at day 30 post insemination. The conception rate in the present study were 60(6/10), 50(5/10), 70(7/10) and 50(5/10) per cent in treatment group I, II, III and control group IV, respectively. Results indicate progesterone containing intra vaginal sponges or TRIU C, PGF2α and PMSG combination is more efficient for estrus synchronization and fixed time artificial insemination in goats.

Keywords : Estrous Synchronization Fixed Time Insemination Goats Progesterone

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