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Anti-Nutritional Factors in Indian Leguminous Top Feeds: A Review on their Feeding Management

R. K. Sowjanya Lakshmi K. Nagaraja Kumari M. J. Adegbeye P. Ravikanth Reddy
Vol 10(8), 12-23

Anti-nutritional factors (ANF) in plants reduce the intake or nutrient utilization and determines the extent of using those plants as fodder for livestock. Compared to non-legume forages, leguminous fodder constitutes wide range of anti-nutritional factors. The nutrient composition of the tree legume fodders has been attracting the attention of many researchers to use them as a source of green fodder during drought and fodder scarcity. Although the leguminous top feeds are nutritious, few publications report various health related issues, productive losses and even deaths on consuming tree foliage at higher quantities. This necessitates the need to address the maximum quantity that can be fed to animals without any side effects and different processing methods capable of detoxifying the toxic factors present in them. Hence, this review dealt the information related to usage of fodder tree legumes in appropriate quantities depending on species and managemental practices for safe use.

Keywords : Anti-nutritional Factors Fodder Tree Legumes Productivity Toxicity

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