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Influence of Graded Levels of Different Sources of Zinc on Growth Performances and Production Economics in Chicken

Siddhartha Shankar Pathak Asish Saikia Uma Ram Tamuli
Vol 10(8), 123-129

An experiment was undertaken to evaluate the growth performance and economic benefits of nano-zinc compared to inorganic and organic sources of zinc supplementation. A total of 336 day old Giriraja chicks were allotted in seven treatments with four replicates in each group having 12 chicks in each replicate (48 chicks per treatment) in Completely Randomized Design. Dietary treatments consisted of Zinc sulphate and Zinc methionine at (30 and 60 ppm) respectively; while15, 30 and 60 ppm for nano-zinc. Body weights (g), feed consumption and FCR were recorded weekly. Body weight and FCR were higher during all weeks with comparatively higher (P≤0.05) feed consumption and higher return for nano-zinc at 60 ppm supplementation level. The profit was highest (Rs 68.41) for zinc sulphate at 30 ppm with lowest profit (Rs 66.35) for nano-zinc at 60 ppm. It can be concluded that growth performance and production economics are better for nano zinc supplementations at 60 ppm compared to other zinc sources.

Keywords : Economics Growth Zinc Source

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