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The Incidence of Cardiac Diseases in Dogs of Kolkata Metropolitan Area

Joydip Mukherjee Pradip Kumar Das Prabal Ranjan Ghosh Kinsuk Das Dipak Banerjee
Vol 10(8), 130-137

The present investigation was intended to investigate the incidence of cardiac diseases in dogs of Kolkata metropolitan area. Based on clinical signs, thoracic radiograph and electrocardiography, two hundred fifteen cases of cardiac problems were selected. The predominant signs were inappetence (31.16%) followed by persistent coughing (18.14%) weight loss (15.81%), and exercise intolerance (12.09%). Most of the dogs under investigation exhibited DCM (48.37%) followed by sinus arrhythmia (16.74%) and (29%) sinus tachycardia (14.42%). The highest incidence of cardiac disease was recorded in Spitz (22.11%) followed by Labrador (15.05%) and Mongrel (12.08%). There were progressively increasing incidences of cardiac diseases with the advancement of age with the highest incidence (32.09%) around 7-10 years of age. Males exhibits higher occurrence (57.21%) of cardiac diseases compared to females (42.79%).

Keywords : Age Breed Cardiac Diseases Clinical Signs Dogs Kolkata Sex

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