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Polymorphism of Bovine Forebrain Embryonic Zinc Finger Like (FEZL) Gene Associated with Resistance to Mastitis in Indian Cattle

Rajesh Kumar Somasundaram Iswar Dayal Gupta K. N. Raja Kathiravan Periasamy Saravanan Ramasamy
Vol 10(8),144-149

Bovine forebrain zinc finger like (FEZL) is one of the candidate genes associated with mastitis resistance in dairy cattle. The present study was undertaken to evaluate variation in exon 1 of FEZL gene in Bos indicus (Sahiwal) and crossbred cattle. A total of 114 Karan Fries cattle and 111 Sahiwal cattle were genotyped for 12G/13G polymorphism associated with mastitis resistance/susceptibility. The results revealed a predominant presence of 13G allelic variant in Indian cattle with an overall frequency of 98.2%. In Karan Fries cattle, 96.5% animals possessed 13G/13G homozygous genotype while 3.5% animals possessed 12G/13G heterozyous genotype. The allelic variant (12G) reportedly associated with mastitis resistance was completely absent in Bos indicus (Sahiwal) cattle. The observed inheritance of 12G resistant alleles in Karan Fries cattle might have been derived through introgression from exotic Friesian cattle. Screening FEZL locus in additional samples and breeds may help to establish association with mastitis in Indian cattle.

Keywords : FEZL gene Cattle Mastitis Resistance

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