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Feeding Management Practices Adopted by Goat Keepers in Pratapgarh District of Rajasthan

Sandeep Singh J. L. Choudhary Lokesh Gupta Rashmi Bhinda
Vol 10(8),165-168

The present study was conducted in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan, to find out the feeding management practices followed by goat keepers. For this, 120 respondents were selected from four tehsils of Pratapgarh district. Data were collected through pre structured interview schedule. The results revealed that maximum goat rearers (44.16%) adopted semi stall feeding system and grazing was done mostly on community land (65.00%). The maximum goat keepers (59.16%) were sent their goats for grazing in the pasture for more than 5 hours daily. Majority of goat rearers (74.16%) not practiced to protect pasture land. The results indicated that overall 42 per cent goat rearers fed concentrate with supplements to their goats. The results show that majority of goat rearers (45.83%) provide green fodder to whole flock. Majority of (65.00%) goat rearers did not preserve tree leaves and remaining (35.00%) are adopted this practice. Major source of drinking water was ponds.

Keywords : Concentrate Feeding Green Fodder Goat Keepers Management

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