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Impact of Mineral Supplementation in Improving Hoof Health in Dairy Cattle in Ayodhya District of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Pragya Prakash Mishra Sonu Jaiswal Harnam Singh Rakesh Kumar Gupta Debasish Niyogi Vijay Kumar Singh
Vol 10(8), 183-188

Hoof disorders and lameness are the one of most important health problems in cattle all over the world and have important economical and animal welfare issue. The present study was done to know the impact of mineral supplementation in improving the hoof health in dairy cattle in Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh, India. For the current study, 56 dairy animals having hoof disorders reared at various dairy farms in total eight villages of Ayodhya district were selected randomly. Selection of villages was done randomly from the two blocks each from the two tehsils out of five tehsils of Ayodhya district. In treatment group also slight to moderate improvement in lameness was observed on day 7 (1.3929 ± 0.13), which further improve significantly on day 15 (2.25 ± 0.14). There was further improvement on day 30 (2.60 ± 0.107) but it was not significant as compared to day 15, although it was significantly better as compared to day 7. In most of the animals of treatment group there was excellent improvement in lameness was noticed on day 30. In comparison to control group, scores for improvement in lameness in animals of treatment group were comparatively higher at every time interval.

Keywords : Ayodhya Cattle Hoof Disorder Mineral Supplementation

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