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Successful Surgical Management of Uterine Torsion with Imperfect Cervical Dilatation in a Pattanam Ewe

V. Prabaharan M. Palanisamy R. Rajkumar S. Raja
Vol 10(8),189-192

A two and half year old Pattanam Ewe was brought to Veterinary Clinical Complex, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu with the history of prolonged gestation. Per-vaginal examination revealed twisting of vaginal fold spirally downward and forward towards) the right side. Cervix was not palpable. Based on vaginal examination the case was diagnosed as post cervical right-side uterine torsion. Uterine torsion was successfully corrected by modified Schaffer’s method. After detorsion per-vaginal examination revealed one finger dilatation of cervix. Hence, it was, decided to facilitate the cervical dilatation by administration of Dextrose, synthetic prostaglandins and dexamethasone. The animal was repeatedly examined for the dilatation of the cervix daily for 2 days but animal did not respond to the treatment. Therefore, Caesarean section was performed as per standard procedure and a live female fetus was delivered. Post operatively the animal was treated with antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines for seven days and the animal had an uneventful recovery.

Keywords : Caesarean Section Ewe Imperfect Cervical Dilatation Uterine Torsion

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