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Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of a Congenital Type-IV Hiatal Hernia in a German Shepherd Pup

Mohamed Shafiuzama Mohamed Ali K. Gayathri M. Bharathidasan G. Shriram Ravi Sundar George
Vol 10(8), 193-197

Congenital para-oesophageal type-IV hiatal hernia was diagnosed in a 45-day old male, German Shepherd pup presented with the history of regurgitation since weaning. The diagnosis was confirmed by Barium oesophagram and at surgery. Surgical reduction of the hernia and successive plication of the oesophageal hiatus and left flank gastropexy restored normal function. By 75 days of age, the patient was asymptomatic. This article describes the diagnosis and treatment of a congenital para-oesophageal type-IV hiatal hernia.

Keywords : Barium Oesophagram Congenital Herniorrhaphy Para-oesophageal hiatal hernia-Type-IV

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